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I'm at my uncle's house in Cheras. Full speed wifi god bless but trust me I don't do some fangirl activities on this PC okay.

A small miracle happened to me this week.

Started from Saturday, I had this sudden stomachache and my waist also was aching. I thought it was period pain because I was expecting my period this week (yes I'm being honest) so I asked friends how to relieve the pain because I never had this kind of pain before. I really don't. .....lucky :p
Sunday, I couldn't stand up, I was in pain, realest pain. All my works, I couldn't finish them all. I couldn't even sit so I was just lying down on my bed, scrouching in pain. The pain lasted until Tuesday and I decided to go to the clinic because BRO NO PERIOD PAIN LASTED FOR 4 DAYS HELLO.

Turned out, it wasn't a period pain. Ha ha dumb me. All those painkillers I took, lol. Now I'm scared because of amount of painkillers I took. The doc gave me antibiotics, painkillers (yes again but stronger one) and this thing I don't know but to drink (it tasted like coconut juice straight from the coconut after you cut it. Soooo 'fresh' yuck)

First day after going to clinic, in the midnight I woke up, I threw up.

I haven't throw up at all since the last time I got asthma attack during my childhood years. It has been years.

Second day, woke up in the early morning, 2 or 3 in the morning I guess? My hands, my feet, my whole body. Hot. Sudden fever. And the weather isn't helping me either. Too hot. Adoi la PJ why la so hot I demam pun was was demam ke sebab cuaca.

And again, I threw up. But even worse. Why? I drank a lot of water. Felt like all water in my body went out. I was crying alone. I miss home....... Mak would be beside me massaging my chest and back whenever I muntah when I was young. Glad my sisters weren't sleeping yet at that time I whatsapp-ed on family's group chat what to do. At least they were there when I really need to. My body was hot I held the floor, the wall, the bed's metal to make my hands feel cold. I tried to sleep, and of course whenever I have fever, I got nightmares.

Nightmares man.

Before I sleep, I told every roommates (em in our group chat)

If I can't wake up tomorrow, pls whatsapp my lects or classmates tell them about me.

AND, yes I couldn't wake up. I could hear them all talking but I don't know. Too weak.

One of them started her class at 11, she accompanied me. She woke me up, asking me

Hey, you want toast? I'll make it for you

Sweet thing, thanks.

I went shower, let that cold water brushes my body, pull all 'hot' out of my body. Made me feel a lot fresher. And I ate her toast but not even half of it. Nauseous, my throat didn't accept the toast. My tummy said you gonna throw up soon too so don't eat.

Ate my med, and threw up once again.

Damn weak man, weak. And I miss home.

I went to clinic again, it was Thursday. With my roommate. The doc said I don't have fever (then why my body was too hot it can explode anytime bih) and he said to stop taking painkillers maybe that's why I keep throw up. Maybe. And I'm dehydrated..........................

Mak said just stay there. Don't go back home to Terengganu. What if there's something happened on the way coming back home? So stay there or go to uncle's home.

So I did.

I was resting alone in my room, lying down, couldn't sleep. My brightest stars, DAY6 released their 2nd album, last release of Every DAY6. I was listening to the songs. I smiled, I felt happy. The song was like telling me, it's all good, you'll be okay.

"To me, who was never expecting tomorrow. You become the reason why I should step forward " DAY6 - Better Better.

Loooong story short, we went to clinic once again because I threw up AGAIN 3 times on Friday DEADLY WEAK bro. Doc said maybe the antibiotic isn't compatible with my body, I can't tolerate it so she changed to another one.


Adik, mak nak gi sana ni dengan Ayah, Adam malam ni. 


Mak said she's on the way here all the way from Terengganu. o_o
I'm happy of course but hais. Terengganu and Kuala Lumpur isn't close like 1km.

All those days starting Saturday, on Saturday as well I woke up with Mak's warm hands checking me, asking me whether I'm okay or not and Ayah's hand patting my head telling me to continue sleeping.

Alhamdulillah, that's the only thing I could say. God bless, Alhamdulillah.

I could eat breakfast, lunch and dinner until Monday with my family. Catching up, getting advices (kena bebel la sakit kan).

Looking at my parents faces, imagine how worried they were when I told them I keep throwing up in the middle of the night until they decided to go here to check on me. I'm their youngest daughter after all.

All sickness, stresses that piled up on that week, vanished completely on magical Saturday, where I woke up with Mak and Ayah's warm hands and voices. I felt safe.

So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny? [55:13]