First semester sum-up + 0 comment(s)
me wilding.
June to October. I can say that it was a hell kind of ride. New kind of living my life. New style. As what everyone has said, it's not easy. I never lived my life like that lol it was hard for me to adapt with new things.

I am taking English course. Why? Because I gave up on science subjects and also I'm quite suck in maths, yep. It's not because I'm good in English but I'm confident with English than science subjects and maths.

Firstly when I checked the schedule, I didn't get it why I have to take Business Studies, Social Studies, Thinking Skills, even ICT............ bro............. I thought I have to learn about, umm you know maybe grammar? Or learn how to pronounce words correctly?


Gotta admit I got some inspiration to learn Business Studies because of... DAY6 Young K. Because he's business admin student and he said somewhere he enjoyed the lesson. SORRY I'M SUCH A DAY6 TRASH.

But for real tho, those subjects were quite interesting as time went. I think I gained some general knowledge by learning those subjects. IIUM, see what you did there ;)

Also there is a subject, Islam and Other Religion. Yeah, learned about Islam and other religion. So I didn't really know about other main religions in Malaysia because you know, mindset....  But it's cool now I know why they do this that. quite confusing tho i ded

Classmate? They're super okay. First impression? I don't have one. I expected almost nothing because I AM trying to change myself right. I was kinda set my mind to not see them badly on our first meeting so I didn't expect anything. Turned out, yeah they're softies. Made me go soft, super soft. Usually the boys quite a jerk right, but my classmate they're okay lol. Is it because of only 4 of them in class? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. The girls, some are loud, some way too quiet but at some point we met. We were good throughout the whole semester. Or is it just me. Lol soz I actually didn't observe everyone.

Most memorable part, probably Social Studies classes. Sir Azib, tried to make the lectures fun, he made some joke and they actually worked. BRO THAT ONE TIME I STILL FIND THE JOKE FUNNY FOR 4 DAYS.

Social Studies last class, guess which one is Sir Azib. ;)

teammates and Madam Rohana, wearing our product ;)
Another one, Business Studies. Marketing plan presentation. All groups did home shopping style. SO my group's product is this smol wallet that we can put our cards and matric card and can hang it around our neck just like lanyard. I am bad at explaining. Tried to make the presentation fun, we did a skit. I just bad at explaining hais PM me to watch the video of our presentation HAHAHAHAH.
I was shaking but I told myself, "Go Najwa, it's your last business studies class. You can do this". Yep bro, I think I did quite well? HEHEHEHEHEH. (got full mark for this presentation, woops!)

LASTLY, roommates. We were super awkward for the first week istg WE DIDN'T TALK AT ALL LIKE 3 - 4 DAYS? I always have introverted side of me. But bro as time goes, we clicked. WAY TOO CLICKED. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH FIGHT ME YALL I LVOE THEM ALL :(

The minus part, OUR ROOM WAS TOO HOT TO HUMAN TO LIVE IN. FFS. I slept on the floor for 2 3 months until the end of semester. YUP. NOPE, MY BACK IS OKAY well not okay tbh (probably go to near mall, they have massage chairs there). I loved air cond classrooms so bad, becase I gotta sleep in that sauna room every night for the whole firetcuking 4 months. I didn't use my blanket at all, not even once. Okay that's a lie I used it once because I had a cold that time.

One thing that I regretted, I couldnt be a good listener for them. You know the feeling when you know something is not going okay with them from others. I felt like, WHY YOU DIDNT TELL ME????????????? HONESTLY GUYS, COME SIT INFRONT OF ME. TELL ME EVERYTHING. GODDAMNIT TELL ME EVERYTHING. :( I'm sad....... why you guys didn't tell me that you were having bad day? :( tonyoh pale kang :(

I blasted DAY6 songs everyday, everytime. Thank you guys for not complaining, at least not infront of mmy face and also ended up some point you guys asked what's the title and even asked me to send the song. HEHEHEHEHE Promoting my boys :)))))))))

I think I am annoying as f, for real. I am sorry. I tried to change. But it just don't work out just like that right? :/ If I ever talked to you harshly, probably because I'm comfortable with you and didn't realize it. I'm sorry.

I always that kid that everyone hates during school. I kinda used to it. So if you hate me, I'm not even surprised. I used to it. It's always like that since my pre-school until high school. If you're not hating me, thank you so much for doing so. I appreciate that. I really do. I'm not even favourite child in family. Always that child that get scolded, rebellious, always make everything goes wrong. I guess I just bring bad luck to everyone.

To B121, Section 714, thank you for making me feel belonged. I am not the main character of a novel or anything. Maybe a supporting role who stops appearing after done shaping the plot.

Much appreciated. Thank you for letting me shaped your life plot. Thank you so much.